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By Sai Vang • June 13, 2023 • 3 min read

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I took the Tony Robbins DISC Assessment! As always, this is Sai Vang, and here are my personality results. I am your go-to planning guru who brings precision and teamwork to the table with a level of consistency that would put a Swiss watch to shame. I’m the team member who adds a dollop of patience, a spoonful of specialized skill, and a generous serving of thoughtful and considerate vibes. Think of me as the secret ingredient that keeps the team’s spirit simmering and the productivity stew brewing.

What’s my recipe for success, you ask? A hearty mix of risk awareness, careful strategizing, and a penchant for proven reliable steps. I’m not a fan of shooting from the hip; I’d instead take the time to line up the shot and ensure it lands bullseye. And when it comes to venturing into uncharted territory, I prefer using a well-drawn map, knowing it paves the way for a steady and sure march toward our objectives.

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Pulling it Forward Along Nicely

Remember the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Well, I like to tweak that to, “If it ain’t perfect, keeps refining.” My specialty is sticking to routines and procedures, not merely following them but finessing them until they are as smooth as a well-oiled machine. I don’t keep this to myself, though. I share the whys and the hows with my bosses, helping them understand why this approach works wonders.

I also believe in generosity – sharing my secret sauce for success and lending a hand to my teammates. I’m like a professional plate spinner, juggling multiple projects without dropping the ball on any. This means I can dive in where I’m most needed without losing momentum on my tasks.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

What lights my fire? Practicality and results. I value strategies that work, and I love seeing the fruits of my labor. This doesn’t mean I’m a lone wolf, though. Far from it. I relish working in a supportive role, cheering on my team members, and championing a ‘team-first’ approach.

My Motivators assessment? It’s like a chef’s tasting menu of my work style. My Altruistic score shows my knack for striking a balance between personal goals and team success. My Regulatory score, on the other hand, showcases my respect for structure while keeping room for a pinch of flexibility and creativity. You know, a dash of spice can elevate the dish.

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Internet marketing has completely grabbed my attention. It’s always changing, like a game that constantly updates and evolves. What I love the most is the unlimited room for creativity online. I’m very excited to discuss marketing with all of you.

It is a Commitment Between Us

As for my learning style, my Theoretical score suggests I favor hands-on experience over academic knowledge. I’ve got a knack for filtering out the fluff and zooming in on the vital bits, the truffle in the risotto.

I’m the perfect blend of pragmatism, patience, and collaboration with a twist of result-driven determination. As your teammate, I bring more than just my skills. I bring a partnership marinated in a shared vision of success, a commitment to excellence, and the assurance of a companion for the long haul. With me, you’re signing up for a flavor-packed journey toward success.

Let us Get to Work the Right Way

Consider me the super glue that holds the jigsaw puzzle of a team together. I savor the camaraderie, the communal laughter, and those shared light bulb moments that are only possible when we work together. With me, it’s not just a case of clocking in and out – I’m here to build bridges, connect the dots, and ensure that every voice counts. Being part of a team isn’t a role. It’s a bond.

I am a master planner, a strategic thinker, and an unwavering team cheerleader who’s ready to dive into the trenches and make work fun. I’ll bring vibrancy to everyday tasks, a skip to collective steps, and a catchy tune to workday rhythms. It’s about more than achieving goals; it’s about embracing the thrill of the chase. We’re not just earning a paycheck. We’re crafting memories and victories worthy of an encore. Those were my results, and this is who I am!

Seek More & You Shall Find

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Should You Hire Sai Vang

Right to the point. Our partnership may be the last piece of the puzzle. I want to skyrocket my skillset, and you are looking for your next marketing leader. It’s time to take action.

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Who is Sai Vang

We all have a beginning. Let me get personal so that you can learn more about me. I promise you’d have a good read and may look at me differently when you’re done.

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Sai Vang Work History

Marketing is everything to me, and I have numbers to prove that. My experience is a whirlwind of juicy stories. If you are looking for data, give this a read.

What’s Next

An image of Sai Vang name tag at Travelers

Should You Hire Sai Vang

Right to the point. Our partnership may be the last piece of the puzzle. I want to skyrocket my skillset, and you are looking for your next marketing leader. It’s time to take action.

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