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By Sai Vang • June 11, 2023 • 9 min read

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So, I’ve heard you want to learn more about me! Hi there, I’m Sai Vang, always ready and super busy working on digital marketing. That’s a fancy way of saying I help people and businesses do successful stuff online. I use my creative and logical sides to develop unique strategies to improve things on the internet. If you’re asking, “How can he do all that?” Well, get ready, because I’m about to show you.

Could you think of me at my computer, typing fast? My eyes are fixed on the screen, and I’m working hard to make a website come alive. I use different colors, shapes, and words to make a blank webpage unique. The best part is seeing people use these sites efficiently, their eyes lighting up as they explore everything.

My job is to make you feel like you’re at home when you’re on a website. I think, like the users do, making sure everything on the site leads them to where they want to go. It’s like being a tour guide in a big digital park, ensuring everyone is having fun and no one gets lost.

And, of course, a big part of digital marketing is dealing with numbers and stats. Some people think numbers are boring, but I don’t. To me, numbers are like puzzles that need to be solved. By looking at these puzzles, I can figure out what’s working and what’s not and how to make things better. And when those numbers start going up, it’s fascinating. Come along with me on this exciting adventure through my world of digital marketing, filled with lots of twists, turns, and some pretty unbelievable numbers.

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The Leap of Faith to Success

On a bright fall day in October 2018, you could smell the season in the air as the leaves turning different colors. I was about to make a big decision. As a newcomer to freelancing, I was getting ready to dive into the big world of digital marketing. It felt like the thrill you get before going on that first rollercoaster ride at a fair.

With a heart full of curiosity and a spirit excited about starting a business, I decided to make my first website. It was like building my digital clubhouse, but instead of using hammers and nails, I used computer code and my ideas.

I started this journey by myself, like a brave adventurer stepping into the wild with only a backpack filled with determination and a mere course. I launched my first campaign. It felt like sending a secret message into the vast world of the internet, hoping that someone would find it.

Fast forward a year later. All the hard work and the late nights in front of the computer started paying off. Like an artist looking at their finished painting, I looked back at my website, proud of what I had created. Over 1,000 unique people have visited my website – imagine that. If you were in school, it would be like having your entire school come to see your science fair project.

Proud First Client On the Way

Once again, it’s fall. I remember a fantastic day in October 2019. Just like the leaves were changing colors and flying around in the wind, I was also going through a significant change. I was moving away from freelance and joining an incredible new team at Shelly’s Social Media. I was ready to explore the big, exciting world of the Internet. And the best part? I was not just a team member. I was their new SEO & Ads Specialist.

Imagine it like being a detective, like in those mystery books. Each day, I explore the world of search engine optimization (SEO), a fancy way of saying, “making our website easier to find on Google.” I’m like a detective on the Internet, looking for clues that will help our website stand out from all the others. With each keyword I find and each bit of code I improve, I’m making a map that will guide people to our website.

But that’s not all. I also make our online ads profitable and exciting. You know those little ads you see when you’re browsing the Internet? That’s what I work on. I try to make them so enjoyable that they’re like a shiny sign outside a shop, making you say, “Hmm, I want to see what that’s about.”

Here’s the awesome part: I did something extraordinary with my digital map and ads. Under my care, I could make the cost of our Google Ads go from $3 to just $1.5. It’s like going to your favorite store and finding out that the product you’ve been saving for is now half-price. That would be awesome, right? We thought so because it meant we were getting more for our money, and more people were finding and liking Shelly’s Social Media.

Diving Deeper Into the Unknown

Then, the cool autumn of November 2019 came around, and an exciting new part of my life was starting. I entered the busy world of Mackberg LLC, all set to begin my journey as their newest Marketing Apprentice. It felt like becoming the assistant of a famous movie producer, but this time in marketing.

My job was full of new and exciting tasks. One of the first tasks was figuring out the confusing world of YouTube research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can think of SEO as a roadmap. Again, it helps people find what they’re looking for online. A well-optimized page stands out like a bold landmark on a map, pulling people straight to it. For a company, that landmark is its website. And I was their mapmaker, creating paths for users to find Mackberg LLC.

I also jumped right into the busy world of email marketing. If you’ve ever gotten an intriguing email from a company and then bought their product, that’s email marketing in action. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were my guide in this area. They helped me understand how good our emails were. I would study them, looking for hints and patterns to improve our emails.

While at Mackberg LLC, I also learned about the advanced world of automation. Imagine having a tool that can do all your tedious work with a simple command. That’s precisely what automation does in digital marketing. I made a system that automatically sent out content and emails to our customers. It was like setting a self-driving car on its path.

As each day passed at Mackberg LLC, I learned more and more. I was like a Swiss Army knife of digital marketing. From figuring out YouTube and SEO to understanding email marketing KPIs to learn about automation, I became a master of many different parts of marketing.

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The intriguing world of internet marketing has wholly captivated me. It’s like navigating through an ever-transforming labyrinth, constantly bringing something new. The beauty lies in this online sphere’s boundless room for creativity. I eagerly look forward to engaging in thoughtful discussions about marketing with you all.

Ever Support for Local Businesses

Let’s dive into my time at Metro Roofing and Remodeling. This was a big part of my work journey, where I became a Sales and Marketing Coordinator starting in the warm month of July 2020.

My first task was challenging. Imagine an old email marketing system that needed a lot of work. What did I do? I jumped in, ready to fix it, and made it look and work better. It was like turning an old, rusty bike into a shiny new mountain bike, ready for any adventure.

Next, I looked at their customer outreach automation. It was like a machine that had run out of energy. So, I rolled up my sleeves, turned on my thinking cap, and made it come alive again. I worked my magic and gave it a total makeover. Now it was as active and helpful as your most dependable friend who’s always there for you.

Then, I focused on their website. Think of it as an old house with lots of potential. So, I used my digital tools and gave it a slight update. Imagine changing that old house into a better home that makes more sense. It was now easy to use and much more interesting for anyone who stopped by.

But I didn’t stop there. I put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and looked at their content. It was like a secret agent trying to determine the audience’s wants. This wasn’t just a simple fix; it was like finding the perfect outfit that fits you and makes you feel like a star.

And what happened next? You’ll like this part – our website traffic and people interested in us didn’t just grow a little. They DOUBLED. Can you believe it? It’s like inviting a few friends over and having the whole neighborhood show up. You’d feel popular. That’s exactly how our team felt.

Global Transitioning for Growth

From October 2020 to July 2022, and that’s when my life got inspired. I went through three jobs at Self Esteem Brands, Zipify, and StoneBridge Chiropractor. It was like I had three hats to show off, each different and worthwhile.

At Self Esteem Brands, I became a global and franchisee SEO expert, correcting many sites that were made accessible for search engines to find. Again, you’re probably wondering what that means. Imagine if Google was your school librarian, and it was my job to make our sites the best and most exciting books in the library, ready to be checked out anytime.

At Zipify, I got to be like an artist, but for landing pages on a website. I used my creativity to design eye-catching pages. These pages are like the front door of a website. I made sure ours were inviting and colorful, making people curious and wanting to check out our website, like an exciting castle in the hills. Email Marketing also became my best friend, and we continue to bond on a deeper level.

Now, at StoneBridge Chiropractor, my job is different yet again. But that was okay. I was always ready for a new challenge. I had various tasks here that kept me busy and thinking. A complete website, project management remodel, and scope of success was achieved and delivered.

But guess what? There’s more. Between April and July of 2022, I had another interesting job. I worked with a group called Overtone, helping them build their website and move their blog. Think about what it’s like when you move houses and have to pack and unpack all your things. Now think about doing that but for a blog on a website. That was what I did. It was like moving all the blog posts from one website to another, ensuring everything got there safely.

Each of these jobs was like a new level in a video game. Every level had challenges that made me work hard and learn new things. The best part? I learned something new with every job, collecting knowledge like you collect coins in a game. And my adventure isn’t over yet. It’s on to the next level.

From Entry to Senior Level

Alright, tighten your shoes because this is where my life changed for the better in all aspects. It was a hot summer in 2022. The air was buzzing with hope and joy because it was the start of a new part of my work journey. This wasn’t just any part. No way. This was when I have the chance to join a Fortune 100 company and jumped into the fast and rewarding world of Digital Marketing. And wow, did it make my heart beat fast.

I started working for Travelers, a huge insurance and corporate company. There, I was proud to be called a Digital Marketing Specialist. But wait. This wasn’t just any title. It was a dream come true. I’ve become an enterprise website builder. It was my duty to create engaging website designs that were as pretty as a peacock’s feather and easy to use.

I also became like an eagle. Not a real one, but my eyes were always watching, checking on Key Performance Indicators or KPIs – the heartbeats of the digital world. This was how I kept track of how we were doing, ensuring we were moving in the right direction and staying innovative. And guess what? If I saw anything wrong, I fixed it before you could say ‘digital marketing.’

Being a Digital Marketing Specialist was like being on a never-ending search for knowledge. To do well, I had to be quick, doing lots of research and finding the newest and best ideas in the industry. It was like looking for a secret map, making sure I knew everything I needed to stay ahead in the race.

But the best part of this journey was working with different teams at Travelers. It was like being part of a team of experts – each person had exceptional skills, and when we worked together, there was nothing we couldn’t do. Our goal? To reach project targets. Together, we turned problems into wins, one target at a time, making every moment a memorable part of our journey.

So, that’s my exciting story as a Digital Marketing Specialist and, later promoted, a Senior Consultant in Web Content Management at Travelers. My dedication, persistence, and hard work paid off. Being promoted still feels surreal, but I’ve learned to acknowledge my worth and value. The journey continues, full of stimulating adventures and a few challenges. And wow, am I ready for whatever comes next.

Always Learning and Improving

As a current Senior Consultant in Web Content Management at Travelers, I always remember how important it is to keep learning. I’ve been studying hard since 2018. I earned my associate degree in liberal arts and took many digital marketing classes to stay good at what I do.

For my downtime, I like to build websites. It’s like a neverending maze, constantly changing with new challenges to learn about. If I have extra minutes, I like to review old courses and research new ones. Of course, I would like to think I have a great support system.

My little family has always been there for me, cheering me on. I love being able to work from anywhere, and I like the challenge of my job. I enjoy finding solutions to complex problems in digital marketing. My biggest dream is to be a leader in web design and CX/UI/UX and get others excited about it. So, that’s all about me. I’m continually growing and learning more about digital marketing, and I’m excited to see where I’ll go next!

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How is Sai Vang Personality

I took an assessment to understand myself better. The results were surprisingly interesting. I would like to share some information with you, my valuable readers.

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