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By Sai Vang • May 27, 2023 • 6 min read

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Hey there! It’s Sai Vang here, a Hmong American from the frosty lands of Minnesota, USA, right smack dab in the Midwest’s heartland. Growing up, my home was like a snow globe come to life. Do you know the coolest part? I speak both Hmong and English fluently – yeah, I’m bilingual.

My biggest passion? Websites. Yes, you heard that right. I absolutely adore everything about them. They’re like digital playgrounds, right at our fingertips. Web design is my favorite game in this playground; trust me, it’s way more exciting than any game you’ve played.

What’s so great about it, you ask? Well, imagine a website that’s so easy and fun to use. It feels like you’re on a treasure hunt and always winning. That’s what web design is about, and I’m totally hooked. It’s like being a magician, but I use codes and designs instead of a magic wand.

And guess what? I’m on a mission to share this thrill with everyone. Because who wouldn’t want to create fun, exciting, easy-to-navigate digital worlds? Together, we can turn the internet into our playground and make it an informative and fun place to explore. But first, let me tell you a little about me.

A Hmong Kid’s Climb from Pennies to Dreams

Once upon a time, in a lively Hmong family, I was just one color in a rainbow of seven kids. Born smack in the middle of this rowdy bunch, I spent my childhood in a bunch of friendly, government-assisted townhouses. Sure, things were a bit rough around the edges, but those experiences chiseled me into the pretty awesome person I am today.

My memory box from those days is filled with what some would call the ‘tough stuff’ of life. These sneaky little mice tiptoe around our house at night, leaving us tiny “gifts” to discover each morning. Can you imagine that? As a kid, it was so common that I thought this was just how life was.

Our neighborhood was like a beehive, buzzing with kids hunting for fun and games. Our pockets might have been empty, but our hearts overflowed with the camaraderie you’d usually find in those cozy Hmong villages in Laos. We were the barefoot bandits, gallivanting around, reveling in our carefree games and laughter. Life handed us a tricky deck of cards, but we found a way to deal with a smile.

In those days, it wasn’t like we had a bunch of superheroes to look up to. My brothers and sisters were fighting their own battles, trying to wrestle the tough octopus in poverty. I’ll be honest – there were moments when I thought that was all there was to life. But deep inside, a tiny voice whispered of a different future. I craved something more – I was hungry for change and thirsty for growth.

So one day, I decided I wouldn’t be tied down by the “same old, same old” anymore. I dared to dream of a bigger world, to believe in something grander. And what I wanted wasn’t just a stuffed piggy bank, but the real treasure – a mind rich with knowledge and a heart overflowing with feelings. And so, my exciting adventure began.

Journey into the World of Digital Marketing

I started at the fun-filled Phalen Lake Elementary, climbed the academic ladder at Cleveland Middle School, and went to Johnson Senior High, but ultimately waved my City Academy High cap in the air. But I didn’t stop there – oh no. I moved on to the buzzing classrooms of Century Community College and then onto the legendary University of Minnesota. Although I never quite crossed the finish line with my bachelor’s degree, thanks to a thrilling detour into the world of digital marketing, I pocketed an associate degree in liberal arts along the way. The knowledge I scooped up along this journey? Priceless. And given a chance, I’d strap in and take this rollercoaster ride all over again.

Now let’s hit the flashback button to my college days, which were anything but dull. Picture this: an English professor handpicked me to become an English tutor – how exciting is that? That was just the beginning of my trophy case of academic achievements. Not one, but two letters arrived from the Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs, patting me on the back for being an academic superstar. Plus, my grades soared high, above a 3.5 GPA, opening the doors to the prestigious Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society – a crowning moment of my school days.

Then, I catapulted into the future with digital marketing. I got the fancy Google Products and Klaviyo certifications for email marketing and even splurged on some life-changing paid courses. I dived into the depths of Web Design, PPC, SEO, and Social Media Marketing. I explored the exciting world of Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Business & Project Management, and B2C & B2B. So here I am, continuing my journey, always learning, and always ready for the next big adventure.

A photo of Sai Vang at the park holding his daughter.

I’m completely captivated by this fascinating world known as Internet marketing. It’s the best because there’s no limit to how imaginative you can get online. I’m thrilled to connect with you all to discuss marketing.

Awesome Victory Lap in the Business Word

I’ve worn more hats than a hat store – imagine me flipping burgers one day, stacking boxes in a warehouse the next, and even wrangling car parts in a junkyard. Add retail ninja, call center whiz, and school office maestro to the mix, and you’ve got a real glimpse at my pre-digital marketing days. Oh, and let’s not forget my time as a security guard, personal care assistant, and independent living skills worker. Sounds wild, right? But each gig added a new splash of color to the masterpiece of my life experience.

Now, fast forward to the present day. I’m living the dream as a Senior Consultant in Content Management at Travelers Insurance – yep, that’s a Fortune 100 company. My role is like being a wizard with words and web design. Conjuring up web content, crafting the perfect layouts, and ensuring our performance numbers are skyrocketing is part of my everyday magic. My wand (err, keyboard) is also hard at work, joining forces with our business buddies, nailing project goals, and keeping our content management system running as smoothly as a buttered slide.

I’ve journeyed from rags to better, and it’s been an epic trek. I cherish every single detour, pit stop, and crazy ride along the way. The captain’s wheel of my future is in my hands, and I can’t wait to see where it leads. For now, I’m singing in the rain under the Travelers umbrella. Big love to all my teammates at Travelers – you’re the best.

Winning Big in Life, Family, and the Internet

In 2014, I tied the knot with my sweetheart, and now we’re the proud parents of three super awesome kiddos. We swapped the noisy city for a gorgeous, tranquil neighborhood. Think birds chirping, green parks, and super friendly neighbors. It’s the perfect spot for raising our little tribe.

And you know what else is amazing? We’ve got not one, but two shiny, new cars. They’re our family’s trusty steeds, taking us on everyday adventures. We can’t stop grinning whenever we hit the road. Plus, we’re big fans of family getaways, so we always have a yearly trip to look forward to.

Now, let’s talk about work. I’ve gotten to team up with some pretty famous companies – Travelers, Zipify, Self Esteem Brands, and Overtone. It’s been a wild ride managing projects both close to home and all around the globe. Not long ago, I leveled up from a Digital Marketing Specialist to a Senior Consultant in Content Management at Travelers. High five to me.

As for my skills, I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. I know about digital marketing, can hold a crowd with public speaking, and love to get creative with writing. I’m always ready to learn something new and maximize my marketing skills.

But what’s most important? I believe in being honest, transparent, and humble. That’s the real secret sauce to great leadership. So here’s to more adventures at home and work.

Top Gamer Chasing the American Dream

I’m a music-loving video game enthusiast who digs a good melody or a thrilling game to chill out. Once upon a time, I was a super gamer, #1 on the leaderboard. Would you believe it? I even headed up a virtual crew of over 100 fellow gamers, and we dominated our server – the top spot in every category. And, oh, did I mention my party trick? I can twirl a pillow on my fingertip, toss it up mid-spin, and catch it again. No biggie. Now, that’s a conversation starter.

When I’m not saving virtual worlds or playing DJ, I’m all about my amazing wife, awesome kids, and my fast-paced digital marketing job. I’ve got big dreams for the future, people. My goal? To share my love for web design, get everyone as psyched about it as I am, and build a nice cozy nest egg for my family. I’m on a wealth quest and will only stop once I hit the jackpot.

Here’s a juicy secret: I’m a walking art gallery. I’ve got tattoos stretching from my elbows to my chest, each a vibrant page of my life’s story. My mantra? I borrow it from the great Winston Churchill, who said, “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” And that’s how I see the world – a colorful canvas of endless possibilities and chances to shine.

So that’s me. A Hmong dude, born and raised in Minnesota, who hustled his way up from a tough start, grabbed life by the horns and never stopped striving for better. Every day, I’m on a mission to be my best and build a bright, shiny future for my family. Life’s a game, and I’m playing to win.

Although I carry myself professionally and competitively, I am quite the teddy bear, or so say, my wife. I think there is nothing wrong with being firm but sweet at times. Finding the balance is crucial to every aspect of life!

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Marketing is everything to me, and I have numbers to prove that. My experience is a whirlwind of juicy stories. If you are looking for data, give this a read.

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An image of Sai Vang gifts for working with Travelers.

Sai Vang Work History

Marketing is everything to me, and I have numbers to prove that. My experience is a whirlwind of juicy stories. If you are looking for data, give this a read.

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